Hi there! I’m Elisa – Textile Designer and weaving enthusiast.

I’ve always been creative—growing up, handmade Christmas presents were my kind of thing to give—but I never considered a creative profession to be a possible career path. It wasn’t until much later, after earning an academic bachelor’s degree from McGill University and working in Canada for a few years, that I finally began to entertain the idea of doing something creative for a living. I had developed a growing interest in textiles through sewing and knitting as a pastime, so the choice of a creative medium was quite simple in the end.

My interest in woven textiles in particular started in the first year of my Textile Design degree at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences (Helsinki, Finland). Weaving fascinates me because of its simultaneously somewhat restricting and yet very spontaneous nature: although the loom’s initial set-up limits possibilities quite a bit, small variations allow for a multitude of textures, structures and looks. With different set-ups, then, virtually anything’s possible!

I’m inspired by colours and textures, seasons, nature, architecture, street art, painting, historical artefacts, traditional handicrafts… A lot of things, that is! When designing a fabric or a product I try to envision what kind of a look I’d want to create, and then think about what kind of design and technique would allow for me to realize just that. I like to think of my design process as a continuous path, as every completed sample and project sparks ideas for several new ones.

My interest in weaving eventually took me to Japan for a 1-year exchange at Joshibi University of Art and Design, where I had the chance to learn a number of traditional Japanese weaving and dyeing techniques. If you’d like to read more about my stay in Japan, check out the blog section of this website!

In my free time I’m a music & food lover, amateur photographer and knitting & sewing enthusiast. I have an avid interest in languages and linguistics, which I’m always happy to learn more about, and visual arts are something I really enjoy as well—probably due to my previous education in Art History. Outdoor activities and going to art exhibitions or concerts are some of my favourite ways to unwind.

My designer philosophy (blog post)


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